House System

Every student that attends Harlington School is important to us and as such, each student has different needs and aspirations which all need to be nurtured. As an inclusive school, we recognise, celebrate and embrace diversity in all its forms.

Within Harlington School we have 3 Houses – Brunel. Da Vinci, and Mandela. We try always to keep siblings together wherever possible, and for students to remain in their House throughout their time at Harlington School.

Each house has its own pastoral team led by one of the Deputy Headteachers and a Director of Learning. We get to know,  and always want to support each student and their parents well during their educational career with us.

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in a number of inter-House competitions throughout the year, which include drama, music and sporting events. Students earn points for their participation in these and other extra-curricular activities such as “flexis”, rehearsals and trips. Students are rewarded with achievement points and each House also hosts a fund raising event during the year. Students  nominate the Charity which they would like their House to support. Students have one House Assembly and one Year Group Assembly per week.