Welcome to the Harlington School admission pages – we are delighted that you are considering a place for your child here.

Harlington School has places for 195 students in each of its main year groups (Years 7-11). Students who join our specialist resource base for physical and sensory disability (SRP) are admitted over and above this published admissions number.

Students are admitted in line with the admissions criteria contained in our admissions policy below. To access a copy of our Admissions Policy, please click here to visit our Policies page

If your child is in Year 6, and you would like to apply for a place for Year 7 for next September , you can only apply through the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Please click the link below to and see futher details on the left hand tab.

Parents wishing to apply for a place ‘in year’ are asked to do so by downloading an application form from the left hand tab.

Harlington School is currently full and operates a waiting list in all Year Groups (Years 7-11). If we are unable to make an immediate offer of a place to your child, parents may ask for their child to be added to our waiting list, operated in line with the standard admissions criteria contained in our admissions policy.

Please contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Channing , if you have any questions which are not otherwise covered by the information provided on the website.