Parents/Guardians/Carers all applicants who fail to gain a place at the school because of the application of the admissions criteria through over-subscription shall have full rights of appeal to the Independent Appeals Panel established in accordance with the regulations. (Education Act 1980).

Appeals will be undertaken strictly in accordance with the current DfE Statutory Guidance, Admissions Appeals Code 2012. Appeals documentation must be requested by Friday 29th March 2019 from Harlington School. Every parent has the right of appeal regardless of when they lodge their appeal. The only reason we have a date by which appeals must be lodged is to ensure that the appeal is heard before the end of the summer term. You must write to us stating that you wish to lodge an appeal, enclosing a stamped, self – addressed envelope. Appeals can be lodged after this date, but the appeals panel may not be able to meet to make a decision before the beginning of the new academic year.

You may find the London Borough of Hillingdon Appeals guidance useful.

Support Documents:

Hillingdon Appeal Guidance

Guidance Document – Admissions Appeals

Admission to New Intake Appeals

Notice of Appeal Form

If who wish to appeal please contact the school and ask to speak to the admissions officer Mrs S Channing. Her contact details are

Tel: 0208 587 3541

Email: [email protected]