BBC School Report 2015

BBC School Report 2015

Harlington School pupils made the news  on the 19th March 2015. We took part in BBC News School Report. Our focus was on news abut our school and recent news and events.

These photos and this work has been added on School Report Day.

  1. Afonama and Sabrina
  2. Fahiima and Salma
  3. Fahiza and Brandon
  4. Sujan and Ranvir
  5. Yonis Ahmed and Abdi
  6. Hamza and Kaine
  7. Iram and Faiza

Our energetic pupils are being ably co-ordinated by Ms Woulfe, Geography. If you would like more contact us on [email protected].

These are the students who participated from Harlington School: Salma, Fahiza, Yonis, Fahiima, Alice, Hassan, Hamza, Sabrina, Kaine, Ranvir, Siman, Iram, Mohamud, Khalid, Afonama, Ammek, Abdi, Sriharan, Aisworya, Faiza, Augik, Sujan and Simrajit. We would like to congratule and thank all the students who participated.

The BBC have also published some information and video documentary on our Harlington School students on

From minute 33 – 55 it is a discussion our students had about their home language that was aired on the BBC World Service Radio on the 19th March 2015, here is the link:

IMG_7109 IMG_7126 IMG_7097