Personal, Social, Health Citizenship & Economic Education (PSHCEE)

All students at Harlington have timetabled lessons of PSHCEE and Citizenship with their form tutor and also take part in various PSHEE learning opportunities during Event Days and the many enrichment activities that run throughout the year. An important part of the work covered in PSHCEE is to support students in their development and to enable them to make informed decisions about key aspects of their lives.

At Key Stage 3, students cover a number of topics that include bullying (as well as cyber-bullying), emotional changes, smoking, alcohol and drugs; understanding diversity, developing mindfulness and setting goals for success. They also study important and interesting topics such as finance and careers, that will help inform their subject selection at Key Stage 4, thus preparing them for the next stages in their school careers. Pupils also receive information and guidance regarding FGM.

At Key Stage 4 pupils cover a broad range of topics that will impact on their adult life, such as diversity, emotional health, the law, careers, money management and future choices. The key stage 4 PSHCEE curriculum is intended to stretch the pupils whilst also giving them the tools they need before they embark on adulthood and their future lives. Pupils will also receive guidance regarding internet safety, radicalization, forced marriage.

PSHCEE continues during KS5 where the focus is on preparing students for their future lives through workshops pertaining to university applications, apprenticeships, financial education etc in addition to topics relating to personal health and well-being.

At both key stages, Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) is a focus, and is delivered by the humanities team to each year group.