Virtual Learning Environment – FROG

The Frog Learning Platform is an online system which supports students with their learning as well as other aspects of their school life. Having the Frog Learning Platform provides students with anytime, anywhere access and allows them to;

  • Access homework and revision materials
  • Submit them to their teacher and receive feedback
  • View all subject area sites (Eg, Maths, English) that have been created with information and resources to support learning

Frog Parent Dashboard

All Parents have access to FROG and this will provide full access to the area’s students can visit as well as other features and information specifically available only to parents. The login page can be accessed using the web address ‘ ‘or by clicking the FROG icon wherever it is seen on this website.

What does the FROG Parent Dashboard include?

Areas of FROG which parents will find useful are:

  • How to help my child learn
  • Revision guidance
  • Homework information
  • Careers site
  • E Safety

Logging into FROG

By logging in to FROG via an internet browser

To login to Frog please go to the URL below and type in your username and password. For the best user experience we would recommend using Google Chrome for your internet browser.

By logging into the ‘MyFrog’ mobile app

To login to the MyFrog mobile app – please search for ‘MyFrog‘ in your app store and download the app.

You will then need to enter the URL shown below followed by your Frog username and password.

Should a parent forget their log in details or have a question regarding FROG then they should simply contact school and we will be happy to help.