We launched Frog, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with our students in September and now would invite you to start using it. The VLE has a collection of tools to support learning both in and out of school, and we are increasing the learning resources on it every week.

Frog Parent Dashboard

The Dashboard is parents’/carers’ point of entry into Frog. Once you have logged into the dashboard there are a series of pages with different information:

Pages Content
Home Learning Review and track home learning
My Child Lesson timetable and subject content
Latest News Harlington HEADlights & Other Information
Contact Staff Staff Contact Information
Update Details Tell us about contact changes
Parent Information Useful Information
Digital Safegaurding E-Safety Information

User Guides. Please find below guides to help you.

Parent Portal – Help Guide letter

Parent Portal – Help Guide Final

Parent Portal – Guide to setting up the APP

Link To Download MyFrog App from  –  The App Store

Link To Download MyFrog App from  –  Google Play

Logging into FROG

Click on the link below

Enter your username and password then click login.

Using the ‘MyFrog’ mobile app

To login to the MyFrog mobile app – please search for ‘MyFrog‘ in your app store and download the app.

You will then need to enter the URL shown below followed by your Frog username and password.

Help and Support

If you encounter any technical problems, please email Mr Parihar (VLE & Website Manager): [email protected]

For help and advice on any other aspect of the Parent Portal, please email Mr Wells (Assistant Headteacher): [email protected]


Should a parent forget their log in details or have a question regarding FROG then they should simply contact the school and we will be happy to help.