Arrival and Leaving School
All students should enter via the B Block exit between 7.45am and 8.05 am, and make their way to period 1, ready to start learning at 8.10am. Students who are late to school have an automatic ‘same day’ detention of a minimum of 20 minutes to make up the time lost.

When travelling to and from school students should remember that they are representatives of Harlington School and that the Code of Conduct (View Our Policies & Documents) applies to them whether inside or outside the school.

When students leave Harlington School they should depart immediately from the school site and not congregate outside or around the school. Students are also reminded that the school does not permit any non – school items to be worn to or from school – only the school coat is permitted.

If you would like to collect your child from school, then please arrange to meet them at the library entrance, as it is less congested. Students will be asked to walk down to you from the B Block Exit. Please also note that we have a large car park, and parents should park in the parking spaces when collecting or dropping off their children. Please do not wait or park outside the school entrance or in the car park entrances.

Every lesson is important, and school should not be missed unless it is completely unavoidable. If a student is unable to attend school due to illness or other circumstances, parents should contact the School Attendance Officer Mrs Hyland on 0208 587 3505 before 9.50am. If the school has not heard from you, we will contact you to find out the reason for the absence – this may be done via Truancy Call.

On a student’s return to school following an absence, you must write a short note which states the reason for the absence. All Hospital and Dental appointment cards or letters must be provided as evidence prior to leaving school.

The school will report any unauthorised or continued absences to the Education Welfare Officer who will then contact you to discuss the reasons for the absences. Legal action and Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) are issued for students who do not attend school regularly.

Where possible, all appointments should be booked to take place outside of school hours.  Where this is impossible, students should be given a note written by a parent and the appointment card.  Students should show the letter, signed and dated by their form tutor, to the Receptionist and then sign out.

Parents are not permitted to take their children out of school for holidays or any other planned event during term time. Any unauthorised holiday absence carries a penalty fine at the discretion of the Education Welfare Officer, and students are at risk of losing their place on the school roll if they miss school without authorisation.

Holidays should be planned around the school term dates, which will be sent out to parents in advance and published on this website.  Full details can be found in our attendance policy on the policies page.