Behaviour For Learning

The Governing Body expects students, their parents and staff to support and uphold the school Behaviour for Learning Policy. The following is a summary of some of the main points pertaining to our Behaviour for Learning and Exclusion policies. However, please refer to the full policies for precise details.

The Home School Agreement must be completed by Harlington School, Parents and the Student when joining the school.

Harlington School endeavours to enable every pupil to reach their potential through the promoting of a calm, positive and purposeful learning ethos. Our Behaviour for Learning Policy emphasises a high regard for effective learning and social inclusion. Respect and personal responsibility for the pursuit of academic excellence underpins our focus on a relentless pursuit of good behaviour, high levels of attendance and punctuality, strict adherence to the wearing of our school uniform and positive and respectful attitudes towards one another.  A collective and consistent approach will lead to every student achieving the highest possible academic standards.


  • Everyone has the right to learn and work in a purposeful, orderly and calm environment without being disrupted by others;
  • Everyone has the right to feel safe;
  • Everyone has the right to have their voice heard and their concerns listened to;
  • Everyone has the right to be treated with fairness and respect;
  • Everyone has the right to achieve their potential.


  • Students will:
    • Arrive at school ready to learn by 8.05am
    • Attend in full school uniform, wearing full school uniform to and from school
    • Attend prepared to learn; ensuring they have all relevant equipment ie. planners etc.
  • In class students will:
    • Be ready to learn within 3 minutes ie equipment out, non-school items off/away
    • Treat the staff, peers and the environment with respect
    • Take responsibility for their own attainment and behaviour
    • Follow the school rules and instructions from staff immediately and without argument
  • Outside class students will:
    • Behave sensibility and respectfully in communal areas
    • Move purposefully and quietly  to destinations
    • Take care of the environment
    • Follow all staff/prefect requests promptly and without argument
    • Follow the school rules
  • In the wider community students will:
    • Behave sensibly and respectfully
    • Promote the school in a positive manner
    • Adhere to the rules/ expectations of the local community

Everything contained in our Behaviour for Learning Policy is there to ensure that learning can take place without interruption, that our school is a safe, happy and welcoming place in which to learn and work, and that the reputation of our school in the wider community is that of a high achieving and caring school.

All students who work to the best of their ability, and show respect and kindness to everyone will be rewarded. Any student who chooses to either disrupt the learning environment, or who acts in any way that could be considered unkind or antisocial, will be sanctioned in line with our policy.

Everyone is welcome to come and study at Harlington, provided they accept the responsibility of behaving in such a way that learning is not disrupted and everyone in the school community feels safe and happy.

Whilst on school business, such as school trips; in uniform or journeying to/ from school pupils are subject to the same expectations as when on the school premises.

All students are rewarded for academic progress, hard work and endeavour and for contributing to the school community. Full details are in our Behaviour for Learning Policy.

We will respond to and follow up all instances of inappropriate behaviour in the classroom and around the school. Inappropriate behaviour includes any action which prevents a student or their peers from learning.

Full details are outlined in our Behaviour for Learning Policy.

Sanctions include detentions, internal suspension, Seclusion School (‘1 – 5’), a direction to education off – site, fixed term exclusions, and , in rare cases, permanent exclusion from Harlington School.

In order to ensure the safety of all members of the school community, and following some regrettable instances where students have been permanently excluded from Harlington School, the Governing Body wishes to direct all parents to the Behaviour for Learning Policy and also the school Exclusion Policy, and reiterate the following paragraph:

‘We must reiterate you that students must not bring in, use or have contact with, the following items to school – alcohol, cigarettes, matches, lighters, drugs, aerosols, any offensive weapon, fireworks, pornographic material or any other item detrimental to the health and safety of students and/or staff. Involvement with any of the above may result in either fixed term or permanent exclusion from Harlington School.’

You can find the full Behaviour for learning document by clicking on this link Policies & Documents