Free School Meals

Please check your eligibility for Free School Meals. As well as having a free hot or cold lunch every day, students who are eligible for Free School Meals receive discounts on trips, visits, music lessons and events.

The school receives an additional £900 per  student to help support their learning if they claim Free School Meals –this year we received more than £400,000 to spend on reducing class sizes and providing additional support in class.

No one needs to know if your child is on Free School Meals. Our cashless dining system means that students cannot be identified.

Please log onto the website, if you are found eligible, please email the Finance Department on [email protected] with your reference number.

Free School Meal accounts are topped up automatically each day, but students cannot ‘carry forward’ their FSM allowance.

Apart from the last day of every term, students may only use their Free School Meal allowance at lunchtime, not at break-time, since that is when our full meal deals are available.