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The next chapter in your journey

At Harlington we are extremely proud of our sixth form students and the vibrant contribution they make to everyday school life. Achievement is very high, with more than 70% of all A Level grades annually being between A* and C. This enables the majority of our students to progress to university; many of them to the most prestigious Russell Group institutions. Our pass rate for AS Level is a full 10% above the national average. We have been rated as one of the top 5% of schools in the country for the progress made by our students and we strongly proclaim to be amongst the most successful post-16 providers in the borough of Hillingdon.

Our sixth form students join us having attained a wide range of academic achievements in Year 11 from both our own KS4 and from a wide range of other schools. We are an inclusive sixth form and believe in offering a fresh start for all. We firmly believe all students, whatever their starting point and whatever their histories can progress in KS5 and aspire to high standards; though we understand some students may need to take longer to get there than others. Through fostering this approach and encouraging everyone to aim high our students are empowered to make excellent progress during their time in the sixth form.

Our Year 13 leavers annually achieve excellent results relative to their starting points and move on to study a wide range of courses including Medicine and Law at university (‘The vast majority of students gain a place at university’ OFSTED 2013). We have many strengths as students achieve either close to or above 100% A*-C in the majority of A Level subjects.

Our success has led to considerable growth over the years, which has necessitated a significant increase in our course offer. Our A Level programme is augmented by BTEC Level 3 courses in Business, Performing Arts, Finance and Sport Science and BTEC Level 2 in Business, Sport Science and Health and Social Care. Our most able students are assisted in their applications to the high ranking university institutions by studying for an additional Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). We presently have around 15 students undertaking EPQ in Year 12.

Though we focus on the academic, we firmly believe in developing rounded individuals. Our students participate in a wide range of volunteering opportunities, both within and outside the school. This involves an invitation to a group of responsible Year 12 students to become prefects at the commencement of their sixth form journey. Additionally students are developed as leaders; the sixth form leadership team organise and run the school council which includes organising events for students of all ages.

The sixth form at Harlington is a purposeful and supportive place to study. We continually seek to review our provision in order to best serve the needs of a diverse school population. We feel strongly in the notion of students undergoing the full ‘Sixth form experience’ and we hope you will view Harlington as the right place for you.

‘Students make good progress in the sixth form, as a result of effective teaching. Leaders of the sixth form sharply monitor the performance of students, and make improvements to the quality of teaching. They are working well with subject leaders to raise the achievement of individuals. The sixth form is well led.’


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