Trainee Teachers

We welcome the opportunity to work with Educational Partners to provide high quality provision of teacher training.

Trainee Teachers undergo an  induction to Harlington School . That is based in 3 sections.

In section one   a day is spent in our special behaviour unit, with our EAL/ SEN department, following duty and following KS3 and KS4 pupils. By the end of this block  it is expected that the program has allowed opportunities for new teachers  to be familiar with the physical layout of the building, the ethos of our behaviour policy , the diversity of our catchment and with different staff and their roles within school.

The second block is department based and will allow student teachers to become familiar with resources and teaching styles within the department.

The third section allows an opportunity to explore how teaching is cross transferable and to see examples of good practice throughout the different departments within the school.

After this induction trainee Teachers are supported in trying new teaching techniques and are supported as they work in classes with pupils.

We are constantly working with universities to try new and dynamic ways of training. This means that placements can involve teaching with up to 4 other staff in the class at the same time and can focus on whole class teaching or work specifically looking at accelerating the learning of high ability pupils to working with pupils that have little or no English.

We often employ teachers that have trained at the school and our high retention rate of Trainees onto our staff demonstrates the high levels of support that trainees have felt whilst at the school.